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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

Class blogs and websites are highlighted.  Click on the underlined or highlighted area to access


​Mme. Gagnon
Mr. Schaus
​Grade 1 FI
​Grade 1 FI
​Mme. Wilson
​Grade 2 FI
Mme. Hamblin / Mme Dotchin
​Grade 2 FI
​Grade 3 FI​Mme. Van Bemmel
​Grade 3 FI​Mme. McKeown
​Grade 4 FI
Mme Burns
Grade 4/5 FI                
Mme. Eastwood
Grade 5 FI
Mme. Latour
​Grade 6 FI
​Mme. Hurd
​Grade 7 FI
Mme. Lauzon
​Grade 7 FI
​Mlle. Humphreys
​Grade 8 FI
​Mme. Rose
​Grade 8 EFSL             
​Mlle. Moore
LibraryMme. Jackson
​Planning Time
​Mme. Barber, Mme. Whyte,
Mme. Cave, Mme. Jackson,
M. Schaus
​Special Education Resource​Mme. Barber, Mr.Schaus